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Alfred "the Great" King of England and Alswitha (Ealswitha) of Mercia Click to view the family tree


Husband:   Alfred "the Great" King of England

Born: 0849
Died: 0901
Father: Ęthelwulf King of England
Mother: Osburga of Wessex


Wife:   Alswitha (Ealswitha) of Mercia

Born: 0852
Died: 0905
Father: Ęthelan Earl of Mercia
Mother: Eadburh Fadburn of Saxe-Mercia


Female  Child 1:   Elfrida Princess of England

Born: 0877
Died: 0898
Spouse: *Baudouin II "the Bald" (Baldwin) Count of Flanders
Children: Arnoul I Count of Flanders