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Count Robert 1st of Flanders and Gertrude of Saxony Click to view the family tree


Husband:   Count Robert 1st of Flanders

Born: 1035
Died: 10-Mar-1093
Father: Count Baldwin 5th of Flanders
Mother: Adelheid of France

Occupation: Crusader
There was also the Byzantine empire, ruling from Constantinople, whose emperor at this time was Alexius Comnenus. To his East, the Turks were rapidly encroaching on his empire, and had begun attacking pilgrims on their way to - and in - Jerusalem, causing him great distress. He wrote to his friend Robert, the Count of Flanders, in 1093, telling him about supposed atrocities committed by the Turks on the Christian pilgrims, and Robert passed this letter on to Pope Urban II. Urban, an opportunist, saw this as a perfect way to solve some of his local problems. He personally promoted a Holy Crusade to reclaim the Holy Lands from the barbarian Turks. Thus, the First Crusade was launched in 1096 CE.
While they were all under one king, Christ, the several peoples nevertheless were led by their several leaders, namely Godfrey of Lorraine and his brothers Baldwin and Eustace, Robert of Flanders, Robert of Normandy, Count Regimund of St. Gilles, Hugh, brother of King Philip of France, and other warriors of similar energy, rank, and bravery

Wife:   Gertrude of Saxony

Born: 1043
Died: 8-Apr-1113


Female  Child 1:   Getrude of Flanders

Born: 1070
Died: 1117
Spouse: duke Henry 3rd of Louvain
Children: Adelheid of Lovain