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Victor  Neuharth Sr. and Jane Spizter Click to view the family tree


Husband:   Victor  Neuharth Sr.

Born: 4-May-1926
Died: Mar-1982
Father: Jakob Neuharth
Mother: Bertha Guttenmiller

Occupation: Cop, Baker, Golf pro hehe and he was nicest person someone could ever had the chance of meeting. I love you Grandpa

Wife:   Jane Spizter


Occupation: Kmart food Manger

Male  Child 1:   Gary Neuharth

Born: 8-Dec-1947
Spouse: Karen Neuharth
Children: Jenifer Neuharth, Jonah Neuharth


Male  Child 2:   Victor Neuharth Jr.

Born: 5-Sep-1949
Spouse: Mary Ann Awender
Children: H.E.  Count Jason Charles Neuharth-Ostertag von Windstein

Occupation: Master of all

Female  Child 3:   Monica J. Neuharth

Born: 19-Mar-1952
Spouse: Paul D. Lutgen
Children: Robin W. Lutgen, Jay D. Lutgen, Paul J. Lutgen

Occupation: owns Business

Female  Child 4:   Kathy Neuharth

Born: 1-Apr-1953
Spouse: <NoName>, <NoName>, George
Children: Victor Heitkamp, Charles Heitkamp, Erin E. Neuharth

Occupation: HausFrau

Female  Child 5:   Cindy Neuharth

Born: 7-Nov-1958


Male  Child 6:   Michael Neuharth

Born: 2-Jan-1960
Spouse: Vicki
Children: Nicole Neuharth, Kelsey Neuharth, Logan Neuharth

Occupation: Foreman in Cardboard Factory

Female  Child 7:   Lisa Neuharth

Born: 16-Apr-1965
Spouse: Steven Hill
Children: Justin Ryan Hill, Nicholas Todd Hill

Occupation: FredMeyers food area manger