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Jakob Neuharth and Bertha Guttenmiller Click to view the family tree


Husband:   Jakob Neuharth

Born: 16-Jan-1901
Died: Jan-1980
Father: Friedrich Neuharth
Mother: Dorothea Korner
Other Spouses: Adeline Neuharth
Other Children: Bruce Neuharth, Linda Lande


Wife:   Bertha Guttenmiller

Born: 25-Jul-1906
Died: 6-Jun-1962


Male  Child 1:   Victor  Neuharth Sr.

Born: 4-May-1926
Died: Mar-1982
Spouse: Jane Spizter
Children: Gary Neuharth, Victor Neuharth Jr., Monica J. Neuharth, Kathy Neuharth, Cindy Neuharth, Michael Neuharth, Lisa Neuharth

Occupation: Cop, Baker, Golf pro hehe and he was nicest person someone could ever had the chance of meeting. I love you Grandpa

Male  Child 2:   Leslie Neuharth

Born: 7-May-1928
Died: Sep-1986
Spouse: Ingrid neuharth
Children: Eric Walter Neuharth, Ronald Leslie Neuharth


Male  Child 3:   Klifford Neuharth

Spouse: <NoName>
Children: Kenneth Neuharth