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Marzolph "Marx" II Ostertag and Barbara  Jost Click to view the family tree


Husband:   Marzolph "Marx" II Ostertag

Born: 1560
Died: 1619
Father: Theobald Jr. Ostertag
Mother: n.n.

Occupation: Royal of Rumbach area

Wife:   Barbara  Jost

Born: 1564
Died: 1616


Female  Child 1:   Margaretha Ostertag

Born: 1605
Died: 1671
Spouse: Christophel Neuhart
Children: Nicolaus Neuhart, Hans Christophel Neuhart, Ann  Barbara Neuhart, Ann Margaretha Neuhart, Christina Neuhart, Johannata Neuhart, Catharina Neuhart, Hans  Georg Neuhart

Occupation: Royal