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Hans Knauwert and n.n. Click to view the family tree


Husband:   Hans Knauwert

Born: 1544
Died: 1608
Father: Friedrich Knauwert
Mother: n.n.


Wife:   n.n.



Male  Child 1:   Valentin Neuhart

Born: 1574
Died: 1636
Spouse: Barbara Wagner
Children: Michael Neuhart, Christophel Neuhart, Ottillia Neuhart, Barabara Neuhart, Anna Margaretha Neuhart

Valentine Neuhart (abt 1574 - 1636) moved to Nothweiler upon marriage to his first wife, Barbara (? - aft 1609) who was a native of that village. She was likely a member of our Wagner family, as we have discussed above, but that linkage has not yet been made. Valentine Neuhart was a subsistence farmer. He also worked as a teamster for the Schoenau iron works and likely drove ox carts from the ore mines to the smelter which had been reactivated in 1592. Valentine had come from a devout home and became a church elder at a young age, filling the term of another elder whose position was vacated by death in 1605. This meant that Valentine served the Nothweiler church for the next 31 years in that capacity. From 1621 until the time of his death in 1636, he was also the village Mayor of Nothweiler. Valentine adopted a nephew, Michael Neuhart into his household by 1609 and served as security for a loan in 1627 which Michael took out as a Rumbach blacksmith. Valentine's first wife, Barbara Wagner (? - aft 1609), was the mother of their son Christoph Neuhart (1599 - 1654). Barbara died sometime after 1609. Valentine married a second time to Margaret (1572)? who also died in1636. The years 1635-1636 saw the return of one of the deadly sieges of bubonic plague that nearly devastated Rumbach population. While we can not be sure, it is likely that both Valentine and his second wife, Margaret, were victims of the plague