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Friedrich Knauwert and n.n. Click to view the family tree


Husband:   Friedrich Knauwert

Born: 1518
Died: 1589

Frederich was born the year that forks were first used as a dining utensil at a banquet in Venice . It would be years, however, before forks made their way into common use. Fredrich's life of about 70 years, however, saw one of the most turbulent periods of religious turmoil. Fed up with the corruption of the Christian Church in Rome, several protestant groups were formed, among them the group that later became known as Lutheran after the name of its reluctant leader, Martin Luther

Wife:   n.n.



Male  Child 1:   Hans Knauwert

Born: 1544
Died: 1608
Spouse: n.n.
Children: Valentin Neuhart